Eligible Jobs for Global Business Mobility Visas

In order for an application for a Global Business Mobility category visa to be successful, applicants—particularly those seeking a Graduate Trainee VisaUK Expansion Worker Visa or Secondment Worker Visa— must usually intend to work in a role that is listed by the Home Office as an eligible occupation.

If applying for a Service Supplier Visa, it may be possible to work in an occupation not on the eligible occupations list provided that the applicant is able to prove they have relevant qualifications or experience when they apply.

Some creative roles—such as artists, actors, dancers and interior designers—have been removed from the list of eligible occupations for a Global Business Mobility category visa. Individuals currently holding a Senior or Specialist Worker Visa on the basis of one of these removed roles are usually eligible to apply to extend their visa if they are still working in the same job.

Type of job Example job titles
Chief executives and senior officials Chief executive
Chief medical officer
Civil servant (grade 5 and above)
Vice president
Production managers and directors in manufacturing Engineering manager
Managing director (engineering)
Operations manager (manufacturing)
Production manager
Production managers and directors in construction Building Services manager
Construction manager
Director (building construction)
Owner (electrical contracting)
Production managers and directors in mining and energy Operations manager (mining, water & energy)
Quarry manager
Financial managers and directors Investment banker
Treasury manager
Marketing and sales directors Marketing director
Sales director
Purchasing managers and directors Bid manager
Purchasing manager
Advertising and public relations directors Account director (advertising)
Head of public relations
Human resource managers and directors Human resources manager
Personnel manager
Recruitment manager
Information technology and telecommunications directors IT Director
Technical director (computer services)
Telecommunications director
Functional managers and directors not elsewhere classified Manager (charitable organisation)
Research director
Financial institution managers and directors Bank manager
Insurance manager
Managers and directors in transport and distribution Fleet manager
Transport manager
Senior police officers Chief superintendent (police service)
Detective inspector
Police inspector
Senior officers in fire, ambulance, prison and related services Fire service officer (government)
Prison governor
Station officer (ambulance service)
Health services and public health managers and directors Director of nursing
Health Service manager
Information manager (health authority: hospital service)
Social services managers and directors Care manager (local government: social services)
Service manager (welfare services)
Chemical Scientists Analytical chemist
Development chemist
Industrial chemist
Research chemist
Biological scientists and biochemists Biomedical scientist
Forensic scientist
Physical scientists Geologist
Medical physicist
Social and humanities scientists Anthropologist
Political scientist
Social scientist
Natural and social science professionals not elsewhere classified Operational research scientist
Research associate (medical)
Research fellow
Scientific officer
Sports scientist
University researcher
Civil engineers Building engineer
Civil engineer (professional)
Highways engineer
Petroleum engineer
Public health engineer
Site engineer
Structural engineer
Mechanical engineers Aeronautical engineer (professional)
Aerospace engineer
Automotive engineer (professional)
Marine engineer (professional)
Mechanical engineer (professional)
Electrical engineers Electrical engineer (professional)
Electrical surveyor
Equipment engineer
Power engineer
Signal engineer (railways)
Electronics engineers Avionics engineer
Broadcasting engineer (professional)
Electronics engineer (professional)
Microwave engineer
Telecommunications engineer (professional)
Design and development engineers Clinical engineer
Design engineer
Development engineer
Research and development engineer
Production and process engineers Chemical engineer
Industrial engineer
Process engineer
Production consultant
Production engineer
Engineering professionals not elsewhere classified Acoustician (professional)
Food technologist
Patent agent
Project engineer
Scientific consultant
Technical engineer
Traffic engineer
IT specialist managers Data centre manager
IT manager
IT support manager
Network operations manager (computer services)
Service delivery manager
IT project and programme managers Implementation manager (computing)
IT project manager
Programme manager (computing)
Project leader (software design)
IT business analysts, architects and systems designers Business analyst (computing)
Data communications analyst
Systems analyst
Systems consultant
Technical analyst (computing)
Technical architect
Programmers and software development professionals Analyst-programmer
Database developer
Games programmer
Software engineer
Web design and development professionals Internet developer
Multimedia developer
Web design consultant
Web designer
Information technology and telecommunications professionals not elsewhere classified IT consultant
Quality analyst (computing)
Software tester
Systems tester (computing)
Telecommunications planner
Conservation professionals Conservation officer
Energy conservation officer
Heritage manager
Marine conservationist
Environment professionals Energy manager
Environmental consultant
Environmental engineer
Environmental protection officer
Environmental scientist
Landfill engineer
Research and development managers Creative manager (research and development)
Design manager
Market research manager
Research manager (broadcasting)
Medical practitioners
(see also Health and Care Worker Visa)
Consultant (Hospital Service)
General practitioner
Medical practitioner
(see also Health and Care Worker Visa)
Clinical psychologist
Educational psychologist
Forensic psychologist
Occupational psychologist
(see also Health and Care Worker Visa)
Chemist (pharmaceutical)
Dispensary manager
Pharmaceutical chemist
Pharmacy manager
Ophthalmic opticians
(see also Health and Care Worker Visa)
Ophthalmic optician
Dental practitioners
(see also Health and Care Worker Visa)
Dental surgeon
Veterinarians Veterinarian
Veterinary practitioner
Veterinary surgeon
Medical radiographers
(see also Health and Care Worker Visa)
Medical radiographer
Therapeutic radiographer
Vascular technologist
(see also Health and Care Worker Visa)
Health professionals not elsewhere classified
(see also Health and Care Worker Visa)
Dental hygiene therapist
Family planner
Occupational health adviser
Paramedical practitioner
(see also Health and Care Worker Visa)
Physiotherapy practitioner
Occupational therapists
(see also Health and Care Worker Visa)
Occupational therapist
Speech and language therapists
(see also Health and Care Worker Visa)
Language therapist
Speech and language therapist
Speech therapist
Therapy professionals not elsewhere classified
(see also Health and Care Worker Visa)
Art therapist
Cognitive behavioural therapist
Dance movement therapist
Family therapist
(see also Health and Care Worker Visa)
District nurse
Health visitor
Mental health practitioner
Practice nurse
Psychiatric nurse
Staff nurse
Student nurse
(see also Health and Care Worker Visa)
Midwifery sister
Higher education teaching professionals Fellow (university)
Lecturer (higher education, university)
Professor (higher education, university)
Tutor (higher education, university)
University lecturer
Further education teaching professionals FE College lecturer
Lecturer (further education)
Teacher (further education)
Tutor (further education)
Secondary education teaching professionals Deputy head teacher (secondary school)
Secondary school teacher
Sixth form teacher
Teacher (secondary school)
Primary and nursery education teaching professionals Deputy head teacher (primary school)
Infant teacher
Nursery school teacher
Primary school teacher
Special needs education teaching professionals Deputy head teacher (special school)
Learning support teacher
Special needs coordinator
Special needs teacher
Senior professionals of educational establishments Administrator (higher education, university)
Head teacher (primary school)
Principal (further education)
Registrar (educational establishments)
Education advisers and school inspectors Curriculum adviser
Education adviser
Education officer
School inspector
Teaching and other educational professionals not elsewhere classified Adult education tutor
Education consultant
Music teacher
Nursery manager (day nursery)
Owner (nursery: children’s)
Private tutor
Barristers and judges Advocate
Chairman (appeals tribunal, inquiry)
Crown prosecutor
District judge
Solicitors Managing clerk (qualified solicitor)
Solicitor to the council
Legal professionals not elsewhere classified Attorney
Justice’s clerk
Legal adviser
Legal consultant
Legal counsel
Solicitor’s clerk (articled)
Chartered and certified accountants Accountant (qualified)
Auditor (qualified)
Chartered accountant
Company accountant
Cost accountant (qualified)
Financial controller (qualified)
Management accountant (qualified)
Management consultants and business analysts Business adviser
Business consultant
Business continuity manager
Financial risk analyst
Management consultant
Business and financial project management professionals Chief knowledge officer
Contracts manager (security services)
Project manager
Research support officer
Actuaries, economists and statisticians Actuarial consultant
Statistical analyst
Business and related research professionals Crime analyst (police force)
Fellow (research)
Games researcher (broadcasting)
Business, research and administrative professionals not elsewhere classified Civil servant (grade 6, 7)
Company secretary (qualified)
Policy adviser (government)
Registrar (government)
Architects Architect
Architectural consultant
Chartered architect
Landscape architect
Town planning officers Planning officer (local government: building and contracting)
Town planner
Town planning consultant
Quantity surveyors Quantity surveyor
Surveyor (quantity surveying)
Chartered surveyors Building surveyor
Chartered surveyor
Hydrographic surveyor
Land surveyor
Construction project managers and related professionals Contract manager (building construction)
Project manager (building construction)
Transport planner
Social workers
(see also Health and Care Worker Visa)
Psychiatric social worker
Senior practitioner (local government: social services)
Social worker
Probation officers Inspector (National Probation Service)
Probation officer
Youth justice officer
Welfare professionals not elsewhere classified Children’s guardian
Rehabilitation officer
Social services officer
Youth worker (professional)
Librarians Chartered librarian
Technical librarian
University librarian
Archivists and curators Archivist
Keeper (art gallery)
Museum officer
Quality control and planning engineers Planning engineer
Quality assurance engineer
Quality control officer (professional)
Quality engineer
Quality assurance and regulatory professionals Compliance manager
Financial regulator
Patent attorney
Quality assurance manager
Quality manager
Environmental health professionals Air pollution inspector
Environmental health officer
Food inspector
Public health inspector
Technical officer (environmental health)
Journalists, newspaper and periodical editors Broadcast journalist
Radio journalist
Public relations professionals Account manager (public relations)
Information officer (public relations)
PR consultant
Press officer
Public relations officer
Advertising accounts managers and creative directors Account manager (advertising)
Advertising Manager
Campaign Manager
Creative Director
Projects Manager (advertising)
(see also Health and Care Worker Visa)
Ambulance paramedic
Emergency care practitioner
Musicians Composer
Song writer
Arts officers, producers and directors Film editor
Production assistant (broadcasting)
Studio manager
Television producer
Theatrical agent
Aircraft pilots and flight engineers Airline pilot
First officer (airlines)
Flight engineer
Flying instructor
Helicopter pilot
Brokers Foreign exchange dealer
Insurance broker
Investment administrator
Trader (stock exchange)
Finance and investment analysts and advisers Financial adviser
Financial analyst
Financial consultant
Mortgage adviser
Pensions consultant
Taxation experts Tax adviser
Tax consultant
Tax inspector
Taxation specialist
Financial accounts managers Accounts manager
Audit manager
Credit manager
Fund manager
Relationship manager (bank)
Sales accounts and business development managers Account manager (sales)
Area sales manager
Business development manager
Product development manager
Sales manager

Demetris Demetriou

Demetris is a dual-qualified lawyer in the UK (Solicitor) and Cyprus (Advocate) with 10+ years of experience in UK immigration. He completed his legal studies at University College London and City University London. Over the course of his career, he held key roles as Head of Immigration at Legal 500 firms and within the Big4, overseeing teams of 15+ fee earners handling 2000+ applications annually.

Demetris went on to co-establish his firm in London and continues to offer innovative solutions and strategic immigration planning to multinationals, SMEs, and private clients.

He personally represented 1500+ clients in 30+ visa routes including investors, entrepreneurs, innovators, sole representatives, students, family visas, global talent, UK ancestry, administrative reviews and appeals. Demetris has managed corporate relocations, conducted immigration law training and implemented post-Brexit immigration policies for corporate clients.

Demetris has been featured in various events and publications focusing on UK immigration, notably at the Cambridge Network, the Westminster Policy Forum and most recently at DGEMS, a global mobility summit hosted by Forbes India.

If you would like to discuss your UK immigration matter or have any questions about your options for immigrating to the UK, you can book a consultation here.

Tatiani Preifelt

Tatiani has a wealth of expertise in global mobility and corporate immigration. Her ample skills were acquired within leading immigration practices including three out of the Big4 firms in both the UK and Sweden. Tatiani went on to co-establish her firm in London where she continues to advise clients predominantly in corporate, business and skilled work migration.

Having personally relocated to 10 different countries, Tatiani understands the importance of an expedient and successful immigration process and takes pride in delivering a seamless experience to her clients as well.

Over the course of her career, she has assisted over 500 individuals and businesses to obtain the appropriate visa permits in the UK.

Her awarded academic work at The University of Oxford, The London School of Economics, and at The Geneva University is in the fields of Political Science, International Human Rights Law, and Global Migration Governance.

She regularly provides immigration training and has recently participated as a speaker and panellist at DGEMS 2023, a global mobility summit hosted by Forbes India.

If you would like to discuss your UK immigration matter or have any questions about your options for immigrating to the UK, you can book a consultation here.