Our Fees

The fees table below is intended as a guide to help you decide whether you would like to seek professional legal assistance with your UK visa application.

The amounts shown are not fixed, but rather they are indicative of the legal fees typically charged for assistance with a single application for the corresponding visa. The precise amount charged will vary and is dependent on a range of factors, such as your unique personal circumstances and the complexity of your application.

These indicative amounts do not include any fees payable to the UK Home Office, such as application fees or the healthcare surcharge. Further details on the Home Office fees for each specific visa can be found on that visa’s guidance page.

For a more precise estimate of legal fees, or for fee information on a visa which is not listed here, please contact us or schedule an appointment.

Visa CategoryVisa TypeTypical Legal Fees
Work VisasGlobal Talent Visa£2000- £6000
Graduate Visa£1100 - £1600
Health & Care Worker Visa£1400 - £3000
High Potential Individual Visa£1000 - £1600
Representative of an OVerseas Business Visa£4000 - £7500
Senior or Specialist Worker Visa£1600 - £2100
Skilled Worker Visa£1400 - £3000
UK Expansion Worker Visa£1600 - £2100
Business VisasInnovator Founder Visa£3500 - £9500
Visitor VisasStandard Visitor Visa£1300 - £2500
Other VisasAncestry Visa£1500 - £2800
Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) Replacements£600 - £1000
Dependants£900 - £2300
Family Visas£1200 - £3200
Marriage Visa£1300 - £2500
Student Visas£1100 - £2200
UK Visa Sponsor Licence£2500 - £6500
Youth Mobility Scheme£1000 - £1600
Long-term settlementIndefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)£3000 - £5000
UK Citizenship£1000 - £2500
AppealsAdministrative reviews£2500 - £6000
Tribunals, other formal appeals£5000 - £15000

VisaEnvoy is a truly international migration firm providing relocation solutions to the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US.

We recognise that there are a range of visa options and a variety of immigration solicitors to choose from. We take pride in understanding our clients and their needs so that we can help them apply for the right visa for their unique circumstances.

VisaEnvoy’s main offices are located in Melbourne, Australia, but we work with colleagues around the world to provide reputable, trustworthy and professional service to our clients wherever they are and wherever they wish to go. We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards and abide by the relevant migration agents’ code of conduct in the jurisdictions in which we operate.

If you would like to know more about VisaEnvoy, our agents and the services we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For individual or corporate visa enquiries, we recommend booking an appointment.

Demetris Demetriou

Demetris is a dual-qualified lawyer in the UK (Solicitor) and Cyprus (Advocate) with 10+ years of experience in UK immigration. He completed his legal studies at University College London and City University London. Over the course of his career, he held key roles as Head of Immigration at Legal 500 firms and within the Big4, overseeing teams of 15+ fee earners handling 2000+ applications annually.

Demetris went on to co-establish his firm in London and continues to offer innovative solutions and strategic immigration planning to multinationals, SMEs, and private clients.

He personally represented 1500+ clients in 30+ visa routes including investors, entrepreneurs, innovators, sole representatives, students, family visas, global talent, UK ancestry, administrative reviews and appeals. Demetris has managed corporate relocations, conducted immigration law training and implemented post-Brexit immigration policies for corporate clients.

Demetris has been featured in various events and publications focusing on UK immigration, notably at the Cambridge Network, the Westminster Policy Forum and most recently at DGEMS, a global mobility summit hosted by Forbes India.

If you would like to discuss your UK immigration matter or have any questions about your options for immigrating to the UK, you can book a consultation here.

Tatiani Preifelt

Tatiani has a wealth of expertise in global mobility and corporate immigration. Her ample skills were acquired within leading immigration practices including three out of the Big4 firms in both the UK and Sweden. Tatiani went on to co-establish her firm in London where she continues to advise clients predominantly in corporate, business and skilled work migration.

Having personally relocated to 10 different countries, Tatiani understands the importance of an expedient and successful immigration process and takes pride in delivering a seamless experience to her clients as well.

Over the course of her career, she has assisted over 500 individuals and businesses to obtain the appropriate visa permits in the UK.

Her awarded academic work at The University of Oxford, The London School of Economics, and at The Geneva University is in the fields of Political Science, International Human Rights Law, and Global Migration Governance.

She regularly provides immigration training and has recently participated as a speaker and panellist at DGEMS 2023, a global mobility summit hosted by Forbes India.

If you would like to discuss your UK immigration matter or have any questions about your options for immigrating to the UK, you can book a consultation here.