UK Visa Fees Increase 2023

As we approach the end of 2023, with a background of difficult economic conditions nationally and internationally, the UK continues to rely on workers from abroad to fill gaps in a range of occupations across the British labour market. As reported earlier in the year, applications and grants of UK visas are at their highest level for many years, with students, skilled workers and their family members making up much of the non-visitor visa awards.

On 4 October 2023, the Home Office increased the application fees for a broad range of UK visas, primarily on the grounds of increased administration costs due to recent high inflation in the UK. Details of the new fees can be found below.

NB: These changes affect UK visa application fees set by the Home Office and do not include the separate healthcare surcharge, which is payable for certain visa types.

Visa CategoryVisa TypeNew FeeOld FeeIncrease
Work VisasCharity Worker Visa£298£259+ £39
Creative Worker Visa£298£259+ £39
Global Talent Visa (award-based)£716£623+ £93
Graduate Trainee Visa£298£259+ £39
Graduate Visa£822£715+ £93
Health & Care Worker Visa (3 year)£284£247+ £37
High Potential Individual Visa£822£715+ £93
International Sportsperson Visa (<1 year)£298£259+ £39
Representative of an Overseas Business Visa£719£625+ £94
Scale-up Worker Visa£822£715+ £93
Seasonal Worker Visa£298£259+ £39
Senior or Specialist Worker Visa£719£625+ £94
Skilled Worker Visa (<3 years, non-shortage)£719£625+ £94
UK Expansion Worker Visa£298£259+ £39
Business VisasInnovator Founder Visa£1191£1036+ £155
Service Supplier Visa£298£259+ £39
Start-up Visa£584£508+ £76
Study VisasChild Student Visa£490£490No change
Short-term Study Visa£200£200No change
Student Visa£490£363+ £127
Visitor VisasLong-term Standard Visitor Visa - 2 years£400£376+ £24
Long-term Standard Visitor Visa - 5 years£771£670+ £101
Long-term Standard Visitor Visa - 10 years£963£837+ £126
Standard Visitor Visa£115£100+ £15
Other VisasBritish National (Overseas) Visa£180£180No change
Marriage Visa£115£100+ £15
Transit Visa£35£35No change
Transit Visa£64£64No change
Youth Mobility Scheme£298£259+ £39
Long-term settlementCitizenship by naturalisation£1500£1250+ £250
Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)£2885£2404+ £481

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Demetris Demetriou

Demetris is a dual-qualified lawyer in the UK (Solicitor) and Cyprus (Advocate) with 10+ years of experience in UK immigration. He completed his legal studies at University College London and City University London. Over the course of his career, he held key roles as Head of Immigration at Legal 500 firms and within the Big4, overseeing teams of 15+ fee earners handling 2000+ applications annually.

Demetris went on to co-establish his firm in London and continues to offer innovative solutions and strategic immigration planning to multinationals, SMEs, and private clients.

He personally represented 1500+ clients in 30+ visa routes including investors, entrepreneurs, innovators, sole representatives, students, family visas, global talent, UK ancestry, administrative reviews and appeals. Demetris has managed corporate relocations, conducted immigration law training and implemented post-Brexit immigration policies for corporate clients.

Demetris has been featured in various events and publications focusing on UK immigration, notably at the Cambridge Network, the Westminster Policy Forum and most recently at DGEMS, a global mobility summit hosted by Forbes India.

If you would like to discuss your UK immigration matter or have any questions about your options for immigrating to the UK, you can book a consultation here.

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